Youth lacrosse in Shelburne, VT

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Follow this guide to ensure success this coming season.  By practicing these routines at least twice a week your stick skills will drastically improve.  Going as hard as you can in these drills are important and beneficial to your success as a player. 
Equipment Needed
-Bag of lacrosse balls (25 if not more)
-Protective Gear
Brick wall (or any wall you can throw against) 
Wall Ball
-Add more repetitions to each step
-Lower your hand down the pole when doing one-handed
-Add in around the world passes
-If you have a partner have them feed you and vice-versa (or have them defend you while shooting)
-Add in a fake before every shot
-Do every shot listed on the move
Wall Ball Routine
25 right hand
24 left hand
25 side arm right
25 side arm left
30 catch right, throw left, throw left catch right
25 quick stick right
25 quick stick left
15 one hand right
15 one hand left
15 behind the back right
15 behind the back left
Challenge yourself to get through the routine without a break or a dropped pass.
Shooting Routine (100 shots total)
When doing this routine remember to aim for corner and hip shots
10 overhand right
10 overhand left
10 side arm right
10 side arm left
10 bounce right
10 bounce left 
10 on the move right
10 on the move left
5   3/4 side arm rip shots right
5   3/4 side arm rip shots left
5 behind the back right
5 behind the back left