Youth lacrosse in Shelburne, VT

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Shelburne Youth Lacrosse believes that practices will be more effective if they are planned. US Lacrosse recommends that coaches have a written, detailed outline of practice so that the practice can be organized and flow well.    Below are additional tips from US Lacrosse on how to plan practices.
Before you start to design specific practices, lay out a general overall season plan before the season begins.  Having an overall season plan will help structure and guide the development of your daily practice plans.  A way to think of this is to create a list of what you want your players to know by the end of the season and build your practices around these goals.  See the sample SEASON LONG PRACTICE PLAN for Boys Grades 3-8 in the Coaches Resource section.
a)Have a written practice plan.  Include the drills to be covered and the length of each drill.  Also include which players are in which drill.
b) Begin with a warm up.
c)Have players practice individual stick skills for a portion of practice.
d)Incorporate variety-Practices need to have some variety (“mix it up”) (but guard against having everything in practice be completely new).
e)Keep everyone informed.  Communicate to players what you will be covering in practice so they can help make the practice flow.
f)Balance your practice-  Find an equilibrium between game situations and drills.
g)Make it active- Keep as many people active as possible at all times.  Utilize short lines, high repetitions, and short length to each activity.  The more touches a player gets with the ball, the more he or she will improve.
Note- (Tips on ways to “mix it up”)
Change type of drills
Keep it fun- make drills into games and add an element of competition
Change format or order
The practice outline below is not a full practice plan but rather an outline of how to structure a practice. It is based on a one hour and thirty minute practice.  Start by blocking the time into slots of about 20 minutes and decide the focus of the slots.  Then select drills for the slots.  See the section on DRILLS  in the web site for specific ideas for drills (also see the Shelburne Lacrosse Playbook in the documents section).
SLOT 1 (10 minutes) Warm Ups
Craddling the ball while running
SLOT 2 (20 minutes) Individual skill development
Partner passing (righty and lefty)
1 v 1 ground balls
SLOT 3 (20 minutes) Transition Offense and Defense ( 4 v 3 fast break)(half field both ends of the field)
SLOT 4 (20 minutes) Settled Offense (6 v 6 half field at both ends of the field)
Work on the rotating triangle
SLOT 5- (20 minutes)  Full Field Concepts